Getting Talented Helpers with a Tight Budget

Proposed by: Dr.Ayman Mostafa

Presenter: Mostafa, A.M., Area Agent, University Of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Like many other systems around the country, the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension hit hard with continuous budget cuts that led to shortage in Extension personnel who help deliver effective programming. In collaboration with The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Sustainability Team, the Field Crops IPM program is getting resident undergraduate students for an externship for the Summer for the last three years. This Externship is a mutual program providing undergraduate students with areal-life, while helping the Extension programís research and outreach components. Qualified externs is paid minimum wage for 10-12 weeks of work. Due to the nature of funding, recruiting of students is limited to those who have at least sophomore standing at the University of Arizona, which make some difficulties for recruiting away from campus. The Agent supervised the extern as a team member of summer students, technicians and RA. The administrative responsibilities of this position include hour reporting, safety training, workplace orientation and academic supervising (see measurable impacts). Changes in student status in 2014 due the Affordable Care Act put the maximum weekly hours at 35 and changed employment category of the students.
For the purpose of evaluation and reporting to the fund agency, the Agent and extern should set some measurable impacts of the externís activities based on project time-frame and project scope. These measurable impacts will be discussed during the seminar based on inputs and deliverables of the program.

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