Training Agritourism Managers and Employees in Emergency Preparedness

Proposed by: Eric E.Barrett

Presenter: Barrett, E. E., Extension Educator, Agnr, Ohio State University Extension, Canfield, OH 44406

Emergency preparedness for agritourism operations is a monumental task for most agritourism farm managers. These farm managers must start by writing a plan with a support team of local law enforcement, fire protection and other agencies.

The next step is implementing the plan, something which must involve the entire management team, along with each and every employee at the farm business. Effective training must be done to implement this plan through the entire farm business.

A team of Extension professionals developed a curriculum to help with all aspects of developing and writing the plan. To take that plan to the next step, the team has developed comprehensive materials to train the management team and the employees on plan implementation. The materials include videos, written text and scenarios to use in a training program.

This presentation will share materials, along with instructions on how to conduct a training program for agritourism farm managers across the country. The train-the-trainer approach will assist other educators with plan adoption at agritourism operations across the country.

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