Accomplish as a Nutrient and Growth Enhancer for Corn Production

Proposed by: Edwin M.Lentz

Presenter: Lentz, E. M., Educator, The Ohio State University Extension, Findlay, OH 45840

In recent years microbial products have been marketed as fertilizer additives that would make soil nutrients more available and increase growth in corn plants. These products were released to the market prior to evaluations by universities in Ohio and other states. A two year study was completed that evaluated the potential corn grain yield and test weight benefits of Accomplish LM, a microbial nutrient enhancer, Corn was established on the OARDC Northwest Agriculture Research Station near Custar, OH in 2012 and 2013 for the study. Treatments consisted of plots that either received only urea-ammonium nitrate or urea-ammonium nitrate plus Accomplish LM. Plots consisted of four rows of corn at 30-inch row spacing. The two center rows were harvested for grain and test weight. Grain yields were similar among the treatments in 2012 but were significantly less for treatments receiving Accomplish LM in 2013. Test weights were similar among treatments for both years. Future research is required to identify beneficial features of microbial products before they should become a part of a standard nutrient program in Ohio corn production.

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