Proposed by: Salvatore Mangiafico

Presenter: Mangiafico, S., Environmental And Resource Management Agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Woodstown, NJ 08098

In education and business, there is interest in delivering presentations in an interactive, non-linear style, in contrast to standard slide set presentations. Non-linear presentations may have more interest and appeal for the audience, but also these presentations allow for representing the relationships of concepts visually, since the whole presentation can be mapped out as one large conceptual diagram. The emerging commercial standard for this type of presentation is Prezi, which uses a polished interface and offers templates that allow users to create attractive presentations quickly and easily. The free education plan that is somewhat limited by requiring presentation editing to be done online and limited storage space, though presentations can be downloaded for remote use. An alternative to this software is Sozi, which is a free, open-source, cross-platform plugin for the free vector graphic editing program Inkscape. Sozi creates files in the .svg format, which can be viewed on most desktop and mobile browsers, so it does not require any special software for viewing, and can be viewed by a variety of operating systems. While Sozi has the advantage of giving the author full control over the graphical elements of the presentation, creating presentations with Sozi may require a greater investment of time until users become familiar with creating graphics in Inkscape.

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