Proposed by: Albert Sutherland

Presenters: Sutherland, A., Mesonet Ag Program Coordinator, Oklahoma State University, Norman, OK 73072
Shafer, M., Director of Climate Services - SCIPP PI, Oklahoma Climatological Survey - Univ of Okla, Norman, OK 73072

Graphed time series data provides an easy to interpret picture of weather and climate patterns. That same data in a table format is much more challenging to interpret and almost useless for presentations. A new 'Historical Climate Trends Tool' for graphing precipitation and air temperatures from 1895 to the most recent full year for all 48 continental USA states has been created by the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program. With this free, online, interactive tool, users can select any state or climate division within a state and create a presentation or print ready graph of annual, seasonal or monthly average air temperature or total precipitation from 1895 to the most recent full year. Graphed data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climate Data Center show high and low ranges over the last century. Graphs include a 5-year running average to show periods when temperatures or precipitation trended above or below the long-term average. A brief history on the joint development of this graph by the USDA Grazinglands Research Laboratory in El Reno, Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Climatological Survey will be included. The presentation will also cover how this long-term graph has been used by agriculture researchers and industry leaders in Oklahoma to better understand and communicate climate trends. This product is online at www.southernclimate.org 'Data Products.'

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