Proposed by: Jennifer M.Johnson

Presenter: Johnson, J. M., Extension Forage Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, AL 36849

The 2013 Alabama Forage and Grassland Conference, “Forages: Past, Present, and Future” was held December 12, 2013 at Lake Guntersville State Park in Guntersville, AL. This one day conference, put on by the Alabama Forage and Grassland Coalition, brought entities from the public, private, and producer sectors together to obtain valuable information from some top forage experts from across the country. The ACES Animal Science and Forage Team played an integral role, as members of the Alabama Forage and Grassland Coalition, in the organizing, advertising, and execution of this well attended event. The conference not only discussed basic management techniques to improve operations but also encouraged attendees to think bigger and broader when it comes to their own forage operations. Based on the evaluation provided at the conference, the average value of the information presented/knowledge gained was $5355.00 per attendee with an overall value of information equating $969,255. There were 181 attendees from 7 states represented, and the total impact for the conference valued at $990,669.00. Conference proceedings and highlights can be found at http://www.aces.edu/anr/forages/AFGC2013.php.

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