Using Autonomous Groups to Deliver Quality Programs

Proposed by: Chris L.Bruynis, PhD

Presenter: Bruynis PhD, C. L., Assistant Professor, Extension Educator & County Extension Director, Ohio State University Extension, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Educators working with adult audiences face the challenge of planning, pricing, and promoting a program and then hope there is sufficient attendance to hold the program. Every educator has at some point in their career invested significant effort and resources with minimal or no impact because of low attendance or the cancellation of the program. One of the strategies an educator could use is to develop autonomous groups that partner with Extension to provide their educational needs and pay for the costs associated with the delivery of the educational program. This eliminates the need for Extension to collect registration, handle money, and worry about attendance. There are different organizational models that can be used to accomplish this objective. These groups can be self funded or externally funded by a third party. A self-funded group may generate operating funds through membership fees or through fundraising activities. An externally funded group typically has a business sponsor that believes that funding the educational event for its members creates a benefit for their business greater than the cost. These autonomous groups have a long history in Ross County, Ohio of partnering with OSU Extension for educational programming.

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