Proposed by: Ronald K Patterson

Presenter: Patterson, R. K., Agriculture/4-HYouth Agent, Utah State University, Price, UT 84501

The way people find information is changing. Also, people want to access the information when they want to access the information, not necessarily at a scheduled time. YouTube videos are a popular information source that provides access flexibility. In order to serve the people Extension needs to adjust the way they reach out to clientele. With the recent economic woes there has been an increased interest in growing gardens, and there are a lot of gardening videos available on the internet, many of which provide a wealth of misinformation. While Extension has a history of providing good information, good information is useless if it does not reach people. At the same time, the information needs to be easy to understand. YouTube is an excellent educational tool. Since 2012 the author has produced 26 videos, mostly on gardening topics that have garnered more than 85,000 views. This presentation will discuss reaching the audience with non-studio video production and marketing them with social media and other outlets. The playlist of gardening videos is found at

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