Regional Invasive Species Management as a Statewide Effort

Proposed by: Laurel R.Gailor

Presenter: Gailor, L. R., Capital/ Mohawk Prism Coordinator, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Although invasive species are on the horizon in every state, this presentation will share a unique coordinated statewide effort of eight geographic areas. These areas are focusing on the same core functions bringing together a comprehensive, cost-effective endeavor toward invasive species management of all taxa.

The formation of eight Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs) were one of 12 recommendations of the New York State Invasive Species Task Force to the Governor and Legislature. The cooperative effort of the PRISMs is to help prevent or minimize the harm caused by invasive species to the environment, economy, and human health. The PRISMs are a partnership of diverse representatives that include government agencies, organizations, private businesses, and concerned citizens in specified geographic regions throughout the state. The role of the each of the PRISMs is to coordinate invasive species management including connecting to efforts of partners within the region, recruiting and training citizen volunteers, education and outreach of invasive species, establishing early detection monitoring procedures, and implementing direct eradication and control efforts.

The presentation will share the organizational efforts of a PRISM including volunteer recruitment and training, the various types of education and outreach efforts, early detection, mapping, and monitoring networks, as well as some of the attempts to eradication and restoration.

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