Proposed by: M.Landon Marks

Presenters: Marks, M. L., Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Centre, AL 35960
Derrick, D. E. , Regional Extension Agent , Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Centre, AL 35960
Miller, D.S., County Extension Coordinator, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Centre, AL 35960
Stanford, M.K., Extension Specialist- Nutrient Management , Alabama Cooperative Extension System , Crossville, AL 35962

Northeast Alabama serves as a host to a mixture of livestock, hay, and row crop production. As resources and budgets tighten, innovative approaches to programs must be considered. Agriculture agents in Alabama are regional based with specific topic areas such as agronomy and animal science & forages. The first cross-team program launched in winter 2013 titled “Soybean and Forages Lunch & Learn” including topics covering: forage management; poultry litter use for forages and crops; soybean production update; soybean disease management; soybean insect management. The second cross-team program was titled “Weeds and Insect Pests” including topics related to: fescue management; bermuda stem maggot; invasive weed species; herbicide resistant weeds; soybean insects; performance of BT corn in Alabama. Both programs were held in late winter allowing forage topics to be attended before lunch and row crop topics after lunch. The lunch was sponsored by the county farmer’s federation chapter. The average topic rating for all topics was 4.44 on a 1 to 5 rating scale, with 1 representing poor and 5 representing excellent. Evaluations indicated the average economic impact was $3,593.95, average knowledge increased by 25 percent. Acres represented ranged from 5 to 500 acres with an average of 210.3 acres and a total of 6,310 acres impacted by these programs. Attendance increased by 44 participants from year one to year two. Cross team programming proves to be a successful way to combine resources and deliver quality programming in Northeast Alabama. This program will continue as an annual event.

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