Proposed by: Ronald K Patterson

Presenter: Patterson, R. K., Agriculture/4-HYouth Agent, Utah State University, Price, UT 84501

High tunnel production is increasing in popularity in commercial and personal operations. Wind protection, and warmer soil and ambient temperatures promote greater early-season growth. Fruit quality and yield can be very good in a properly managed high tunnel. It is important for growers to have a positive initial experience using high tunnels. The high tunnel should be durable and affordable in addition to allowing efficient space utility. A significant challenge is the initial cost of commercial high tunnels. While there are government programs to help with construction costs, many growers wish to be self-sufficient rather than depend on government programs for their success. The high tunnel described in this presentation was designed to withstand the high spring winds of Utah, provide efficient use of space and most of the materials can be purchased locally even in rural communities. In addition, it is fairly easy to relocated. Straight sidewalls make it easier to use all of the valuable space. High density planting and vertical growing practices can provide even better use of the space. The design has been presented to Utah audiences with positive response.

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