Proposed by: Jj Jones

Presenters: Jones, J., Area Agricultural Economics Specialist, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Ada, OK 74820
Freking, B., Area Livestock Specialist, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Ada, OK 74820
McDaniel, J., Pontotoc County Ag Educator, Oklahoma Cooeprative Extension Service, Ada, OK 74820
Rice, C., Area Agronomist, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Ada, OK 74820

Meat goat production has become a rapidly expanding livestock enterprise in Oklahoma and the U.S. Oklahoma now ranks third in total number of meat goats for the U.S. With this growth in meat goat operations, have come new educational opportunities. Many producers interested in meat goat production have had little or no experience in agricultural production. Even those producers with general livestock production skills have found it difficult to adapt to the differing production needs of a meat goat operation versus traditional livestock enterprises.

In response to this growing need the Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp was created. The boot camp is a three day program that combines hands-on activities, class room exercises, and traditional power point presentations. Producers attending not only have the opportunity to learn how to perform certain production practices, but also have the opportunity to practice these production practices on live goats as many times as they feel necessary. Production methods taught and demonstrated include ear tagging, hoof trimming, castrating, herd health practices, kidding, neonatal care, FAMACHA, fecal egg counts, forage management, ration balancing, forage testing, reproduction, pregnancy detection and business management.

The response to the workshops has been outstanding, not only in Oklahoma but across the U.S. There have been 10 camps held since 2007 with an overall attendance of 498 producers from Oklahoma and 24 other states. Evaluations have showed a favorable response to the workshops with producers wanting more education. Pre and Post tests have shown an overall increase in knowledge of 37.9%. Producers have also indicated that the education received has an average perceived value of $312,868 per boot camp.

The next evolution of the boot camps was the creation of a series of videos. Twenty five videos were recorded and placed on the OSU Meat Goat YouTube channel. Since being placed on YouTube in November 2013, the videos have had over 58,000 views from producers in Oklahoma, U.S. and the world.

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