Proposed by: Robin Salverson

Presenters: Salverson, R., Cow-Calf Field Specialist, South Dakota State University Extension, Lemmon, SD 57638
Harty, A., Cow-Calf Field Specialist, South Dakota State University Extension, Rapid City, SD 57702

SDSU Extension is dedicated to empowering women involved in farming and ranching by providing Annie’s Project an educational program dedicated to strengthening women's roles in the modern farm enterprise. In 2012 and 2013, Adele Harty and Robin Salverson led 4 Level I Annie’s Projects in South Dakota focusing on providing education within the areas of risk management.

SDSU Extension also recognizes that we need to focus on developing self-driven sustainable learning communities. As a result we have been working extensively with the 4 locations since 2012 focusing on continued learning and networking opportunities beyond the initial 6 weeks of the course including a Level 2 Managing for Today and Tomorrow. Likewise, through strong interest in marketing, Women Managing Cattle will be added in 2014 as a level 2 option for the women.

Since SDSU Extension restructuring in 2011 we no longer have a presence in every county in the state therefore, it creates an opportunity for us to partner with local businesses, government and participants to develop a strong and viable Annie’s Project at that site. The value of the program is seen by both participants and sponsors as noted by receiving $10,570 from regional and local businesses.

Based on evaluations, over half the participants had a significant increase in knowledge in regards to estate planning. Likewise estate planning came to the top as the most valuable topic to them. This encouraged us to take estate planning education to the next level with the women and incorporated Level 2 MTT into SD Annie’s Project curriculum which included taking it to Kadoka as a pilot.

Overall Annie’s Project in South Dakota has been successful in educating farm and ranch women. Today’s women live active lifestyles but are concerned about making the most profitable decisions for their operation and family.

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