Proposed by: Wayne Flanary

Presenter: Flanary, W., Agronomy Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Oregon, MO 64473

Missouri has limited number of systematic tile drainage systems. Tile drainage in Missouri is commonly used to drain seeps and empty terrace channels. The MU Regional Extension Agronomist was approached by a local tile supplier to establish a long-term tile spacing demonstration. The goal of of the demonstration was to show impact of tile drainage on crop yield. The site was established in a grower field located along a Highway 159 in Holt County Missouri. Installation and supplies were donated with a total cost of $21,151. Two tile spacing’s were established at the site, a 20-foot tile spacing in a Luton clay soil and 60-foot spacing in a Modale silt loam. The 2013 yield results indicated a 10 bushel average corn yield increase in 60-foot spacing and 2 average bushel increase in 20-foot spacing. During the installation of tile at the site in the fall of 2012, an Extension education event was held. Growers surveyed after attending this event indicated that 3,550 acres of new tile would be installed. During late summer 2013, another tiling field day was held at another location. Surveyed growers attending this meeting indicated they would install 1,700 acres of new tile. Missouri data indicates 20% increase in corn yields and 15% soybean yields with tile drainage.

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