Proposed by: Dr.Andrew E.Overbay

Presenter: Overbay, A. E., Extension Agent, Anr, Dairy Science, Smyth County VA VCE, Marion, VA 24354

As our society in the United States as evolved, we are farther and farther removed from the farm and the realities of modern agriculture. Because of this, our national collective agricultural literacy as declined to the point where people are often mistrustful and misled about agricultural practices. Exacerbating this problem is the fact that we in agriculture and Extension use terminology unfamiliar to the non-farming public. This presentation explores the power of words...the words we choose and the dynamic meanings of the words we choose...when we discuss agriculture and Extension with others. We will examine how a single word can change the total direction of a conversation and our need to educate our farmers and ourselves to consider public perceptions to the words we each use to promote our industry.

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