A Guide to Common Organic Gardening Questions

Proposed by: Katie Wagner

Presenter: Wagner, K. , Horticultural Agent, Utah State University, Salt Lake City, UT 84114

'A Guide to Common Organic Gardening Questions' features research-based organic gardening information for Utah residents. The 280 page guide was written by two senior authors with contributions from 16 additional writers. 'Ask an Expert' sections are featured throughout the guide and highlight topics of interest written by specialists and researchers with expertise in featured fields of study. Other highlighted sections include 'Garden Myth' sections where popular 'garden remedies' are explored for scientific validity. The guide is a follow-up to 'A Guide to Common Gardening Questions' which explores both inorganic and organic gardening recommendations. Due to interest from Utah residents in organic gardening techniques, the previous guide was adapted and expanded to provide step-by-step recommendations for gardeners with organic preferences. The organic version of guide was printed and disseminated in March 2014. This presentation will highlight the organization of the guide and discuss preliminary evaluation results of its content.

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