Proposed by: Jeffrey E Banks

Presenter: Banks, J. E., Agriculture/4-HYouth Agent, Utah State University, Nephi, UT 84648

Banks*, J.E.

Agriculture/Youth Agent, Utah State University Extension, Juab County, 160 N Main, Nephi, Utah 84648

Many of the 10,000 residents in Juab County enjoy the benefits of home horticulture. This includes vegetable and flower gardening, landscape design, and fruit production. One thing all of these have in common is weed control. Weeds around homes are a general nuisance, mar the natural beauty of landscapes, and decrease the value or marketability of residential properties. Weeds ruin lawns, gardens, and flowerbeds. Weeds may cause hay fever, contribute to fire hazards, and harbor insects or diseases. To assist county residents with weed control, the Juab County Weed Awareness Program has been offered. The program is sponsored by the Juab County Weed Department, Nephi and Eureka Cities, and the USU Extension office. The purpose of the program is to make the public aware of the problem with noxious weeds and to provide herbicides to individuals who want to spray their weeds. Program participants receive information and fact sheets on weed identification, control methods, and proper handling of herbicides. In addition to the resources, a pint bottle of a commercial broadleaf herbicide is provided to all program participants. During the program, participants have the opportunity to view over 20 common weed samples in the area. In 2013, 425 individuals participated in the program. This represents nearly 20% of all households in the county. During the 2013 program, $21,250 was saved by program participants and 212 acres of weeds were sprayed. Because of the annual program, Juab County residents are learning how to win the war of controlling noxious weeds.

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