Intercropping Cucurbits and Cotton- Economic Feasibility and Growth Compatibility

Proposed by: T.Brian Tankersley

Presenter: Tankersley, T. Brian, County Extension Coordinator, University Of Georgia, Tifton, GA 31793

Intercropping planting systems have been evaluated for feasibility with cotton being planted in cantaloupes and watermelons. Results over three years (2010-2012)are very positive with increase returns per acre and more efficient utilization of resources. Twenty-seven fields totaling 813 acres have been evaluated. During the cantaloupe/watermelon (CW)growing season the field was managed for CW production. After the conclusion of the CW harvest, the field was managed for cotton production. Fields were monitored for growth challenges, insect, and weed management. CW yields were comparable to the farmer's average yields of CW only fields. Economic feasibility of intercropping cotton in CW showed very positive returns to the producer. Due to the growers response and success other crops were evaluated in intercropping systems in 2013.

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