Proposed by: Daniel J.Griffin

Presenters: Griffin, D. J., Cea-StaffChair, University Of Arkansas, Clinton, AR 72031
Jennings, Dr. John, Professor-Forage , University of Arkansas , Little Rock , AR 72204
Simon, Kenny, Program Associate - Forages, University of Arkansas , Little Rock, AR 72204

Van Buren County's most abundant agriculture commodity is cattle with a total inventory of cattle and calves at 20,500 head. With the rising cost of inputs such as feed, fertilizer, and hay, producers need methods to implement that reduce these costs. It is a proven fact that the cheapest way to harvest forage is through grazing. In 2009, the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture began the 300 Days Grazing program to assist producers in reducing supplemental feeding days to reduce costs. The projects that could be utilized to assist producers with achieving 300 Days of Grazing included stockpiled forages, grazing management, complimentary forages, adding legumes, and hay management. This program had opportunities for producers throughout the state to participate as “whole farm” programs in which several of the projects would be conducted on the farm to assist with increasing grazing days to reduce input costs.
A cow/calf operation in Van Buren County Arkansas was selected to participate in the 300 Days of Grazing “Whole Farm” program starting in 2009. This farm also participated in a legume establishment project in 2008 providing grazing data for 2008. From the fall of 2008 through the fall of 2011, the producer saved an average $3,187.75 per year with a total $12,751 saved by increasing grazing days. The producer implemented clover in fescue pastures to decrease fertilizer input, utilized electric fencing and added water tanks for grazing management, and stockpiled forages to reach this goal.
In the Spring 2010, a 300 Days Grazing Multi-County Field Day was conducted with 32 producers gaining knowledge of the projects utilized to achieve these grazing goals. One new project on grazing management was started in 2012 with a field day participant. The 300 Days of Grazing Program has been successful for producers in Van Buren County providing them an opportunity to reduce input and supplemental costs.

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