Proposed by: Patrick L Byers

Presenter: Byers, P. L., Horticulture Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Springfield, MO 65807

The Missouri Elderberry Development Program was initiated in 1997, to foster the development of Missouri's commercial elderberry industry. Development of adapted cultivars is a priority project in the program and includes the collection of native germplasm, initial evaluation of germplasm and available cultivars, replicated evaluation of promising selections at multiple locations, and release of superior cultivars. Evaluation criteria include phenology, plant growth, harvest and yield characteristics, insect/disease susceptibility, and juice quality/antioxidant capacity. Two cultivars from the project, 'Bob Gordon' (2011) and 'Wyldewood' (2010), are planted on over 100 acres in Missouri and elsewhere. A third release, 'Marge' (2014), is a European type elderberry with midwestern adaptation. Additional selections are under consideration for future release. These cultivars appear to have potential for regional production.

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