Guidelines for Completing NACAA Expense Vouchers

  1. For any official expenses incurred by members of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Council Chairs, or other persons authorized by the President or Board of Directors, expenses will be paid as follows: Transportation by personal vehicle may be used and reimbursed up to 1,500 miles at a mileage rate of $0.51 per mile. This mileage rate is established by the Board of Directors.
    1. Parking and toll charges over $15 per trip will be paid and receipts should be submitted.
    2. Transportation by air will be fully reimbursed at the coach fare rate. To reduce costs, Saturday night stays should be included if necessary. Reservations should be made in a timely manner to take advantage of applicable discounts.
    3. Taxi fares and reasonable gratuities will be reimbursed.
    4. Travel other than by air or a private vehicle must have prior approval by the President.
    5. Travel Lodging is limited to one night prior to and one night following an event.
    6. Actual costs of meals and gratuities will be paid, not to exceed $45.00 per day.
    7. Registration fees, if applicable, will be reimbursed, receipts required.
  2. Expenses for new officers, council chairs, committee chairs, and regional directors will be paid beginning with breakfast following the close of the AMPIC, and the return home portion of transportation expenses.
  3. Expenses for retiring officers, council chairs, committee chairs, and regional directors will be paid for return home transportation, meals, and lodging.
  4. Expenses for educational foundation trustees are paid according to the policy handbook.
  5. Regional Directors may visit state associations as set forth in the Policy Handbook. These expenses will be paid according to the above-mentioned guidelines. Regional Directors will not be reimbursed for attending their own state association meeting.
  6. Postage, shipping, copying, and telephone expenses are reimbursed to officers, directors, vice directors, council chairs, committee chairs, and vice committee chairs. A statement of expenses and explanation with receipts is required. If possible, expenses chargeable to a specific program or sponsor should be noted.
  7. No secretary allowance will be paid.
  8. All required receipts: lodging, transportation, postage, copying, telephone, etc. should be attached to the expense voucher.
  9. All expense vouchers are sent (electronic communication preferred) to the President for approval