Professional Improvement Council

Job Description

The Professional Improvement Council will be comprised of the PIC Council Chair and the Chair of each of the Program Committees.


  • Agriculture Economics & Community Development
  • Agronomy & Pest Management
  • Animal Science
  • Horticulture & Turfgrass
  • Natural Resources/Aquaculture/Sea Grant
  • Sustainable Agriculture


Professional Improvement

Our members have indicated a need for more opportunities to present and receive specific subject matter information. This new component was created and designed to better fulfill our mission: " further the professional improvement of our members...", as written in the NACAA mission statement.

This area is devoted to enhancing the opportunities for our members to become more knowledgeable and competent in subject matter areas in which they work. Examples of training activities that might be included within this category include: discussion groups, seminars, refereed papers, demonstration sharing, study tours, and interstate/international exchanges.

Six broad, fundamental subject matter areas were identified that would encompass the vast majority of work done by Extension agents/educators across the country. That list includes: Agronomy & Pest Management, Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Forestry& Natural Resources, Horticulture, and Aquaculture/Sea Grant. Each of these six broad subject matter areas would comprise a Committee. Additional committee categories can be added in the future or existing areas modified to better meet the needs of the NACAA members. Each of these broad subject matter committees may have numerous advisory groups beneath it as are deemed necessary.

Examples of advisory groups under the Animal Science Committee might include: Range/Pasture Management, Bio-Technology in Livestock, Beef Nutrition, Dairy Breeding, Swine Genetics, Rotational Grazing, Animal Waste Management. This short list is not meant to be all inclusive.