Extension Development Council

Job Description


The Objectives of the Committees are:

- To encourage, support and assist the development and effective implementation of the Public Relation and Agricultural Issue Committee format in state organizations.

- To provide pertinent and timely Public Relations and Agricultural Issues Programs and Activities during the AM/PIC each year.

-To assist, encourage and inspire NACAA members to study, research and address public relations and agricultural issues at the grassroots level by providing information, leadership and applicable tools where possible.

-To encourage the formation of local, regional and national partnerships between NACAA members, government agency, non-government organizations, growers and producers and the public to educationally address public relations and agricultural issues.

Program and Training Opportunities are:

-SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE/HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP - Continue the present structure with this committee administering the application and selection process.

-CURRENT ISSUES FORUM - Suggest that this committee work with the current NACAA President in developing this program for the AM/PIC.

-Work with industry and other agencies in development of technology exchange systems.



This committee would be responsible for developing educational programs directed at NACAA members with five years or less tenure. There would be an opportunity to develop programs on a regional objective would be the development of an orientation program to new members in individual states.

The objectives are:

-Solicit input from new members regarding their expectations and training needs.

-Develop means to encourage new and early career members to participate and continue involvement in NACAA and the AM/PIC.

-Improve communications with early career members.

-Provide opportunities for graduate, continuing education and other professional certification credits for professional improvement.

-Encourage the development and utilization of mentoring programs in individual states.

-Understanding the awards and professional improvement opportunities.



The objective of this committee would be to develop programs to improve and enhance the administrative skills of all NACAA members regardless of the degree of administrative responsibility. Programs could be developed on both a regional basis and for a presentation at the AM/PIC.

Program of Training Possibilities:

-Working with local governments

-Working with State Legislators

-General Office Administration

-Budgetary skills

-Personnel management and evaluation

-Administering volunteers

-Developing job descriptions

-Grant writing



Development of programs to assist members in learning non-traditional skills such as:

- Electronic multi-media skills

-Computer networking

-Compressed video

-Staying up to date with electronic communications and distance education.

Traditional Teaching Skills - Attention should also be given to traditional teaching skills such as working with groups, programs planning and evaluation, conducting meetings, conflict resolution and use the traditional AV aids.