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Aerica Bjurstrom
University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension

The purpose of the program “What the Judge is Looking for” is to educate youth in the beef, sheep, and swine livestock projects. The program focuses on live evaluation, carcass placing, and meat cut identification. Youth in the Door County, WI livestock auction project participated in a classroom and hands-on project of identifying meat cuts based on criteria taught to them during the program.

Fourteen (n=14) youth participated in a livestock auction project workshop in Door County to increase their knowledge in meat identification, carcass judging, and what the judge is looking for.

Participants were asked to rank their knowledge of each topic before and after the presentation on a Lickert scale (1=low, 5=high). Participants reported increasing knowledge:
What the judge is looking for +1.45
Carcass Judging +2
Meat cut identification +1.69

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