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Kernels of Knowledge and Trifoliate Times

      Kernels of Knowledge and Trifoliate Times is a combined newsletter geared towards row crop farmers and crop consultants. This newsletter reached 236 stakeholders over three editions in 2019-2020; early season before planting March through May, midseason in July through September, and then January through February. The purpose of this newsletter was to provide timely information and crop scouting updates in response to requests from stakeholders to provide supplemental information related to trainings I was providing. These were distributed primarily in paper form during in person trainings. The first edition was given out at two farmer meetings and forty copies were distributed. Topics covered were starter fertilizer, planting in wet soils, and flooding updates. The second edition was distributed at in-season meetings and industry plot updates. The newsletter was distributed to around seventy-eight stakeholders. Topics covered included disease identification, herbicide damage, and stalk/stem rot identification. The second edition of the newsletter was used in conjunction with short presentations that I conducted at these meetings. The newsletter served as a reference for the participants and provided a guide for the stakeholders to use on their own acres. The final edition of the newsletter, focused on the previous cropping year, and was disturbed at private and commercial applicator training. Around 118 copies were given out in January and February. This edition of the newsletter summarized 2019 issues and provided photographs for reference. This newsletter will be distributed once again this year digitally on my website and on social media, as well as paper handouts during in-person trainings.