Fact Sheet

Kimberly Kester Post
County Extension Agent
University of Georgia

Post, K.K.*1, , Anderson, H.2, , Dawson, J.3, , Dowdy, M.4,
1 County Extension Agent, University of Georgia, Lakeland, GA, 31635
2 County Extension Agent, University of Georgia, Fitzgerald, GA, 31750
3 County Extension Agent, Fort Valley State University, Valdosta, GA, 31601
4 County Extension Agent, University of Georgia, Quitman, GA, 31643

The Sheep & Goat Quick Facts handout was developed for distribution at the Southwest Georgia Small Ruminant Workshop (SGSRW), scheduled for March 14th, 2020. The SGSRW was a collaboration between University of Georgia Extension and Fort Valley State University Extension. The workshop offered hands-on education for beginner sheep and goat owners including parasite control and FAMACHA certification, animal handling, first aid, breeding and kidding, and nutrition management. The handout served as a quick reference sheet with  information about vitals for sheep and goats, breed information, stocking rates, deworming dosages, and additional resources for supplies and information.

As of the registration deadline, 58 participants were pre-registered for the workshop. Due to the COVID-19 situation in March 2020, the workshop had to be cancelled. The handout was subsequently shared on Facebook, county ag blogs, and e-mail lists. It reached over 525 people.