Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Katie Pekarek
Extension Educator-Water Quality
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

Pekarek, K.*1,
1 Extension Educator-Water Quality, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Lincoln, NE, 68583

The “Nebraska Water Quality” computer generated graphics presentation was developed for the 2020 Crop Production Clinics.  The objective was to teach producers and landowners about how crop production practices influence water quality in Nebraska and make them aware of the quality of water resources in Nebraska. Local water quality data was integrated into the presentation based on the location of the talk.

The presentation was given at two of the Crop Production Clinics, one in northeast Nebraska and one in southern Nebraska. Approximately 510 producers, landowners, crop consultants, and agency personnel attended the presentation.

I developed the presentation with contributions to water quality information and graphics from the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, Nebraska Natural Resources Districts, USGS, Conservation Survey Division, and the Agrichemical Database. All slides should be judged. It was created using Microsoft PowerPoint.