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Andrea Stith
Horticulture Agent


Sigmon B.*1, , Jackson, K2, , Stith, A.3,
1 Horticulture Agent, , London, KY, 40741
2 , , Hopkinsville, KY, 42240
3 Horticulture Agent, , Glasgow, KY, 42141

The Kentucky Horticulture Agents have been working as a team for several years producing a statewide newsletter. This idea came together as a lot of agents realized we were writing articles on similar topics. There were also discussions with some Agriculture and Natural Resource (ANR) Agents that they did not have easy to access horticulture information to send out the their clients in a newsletter. Together the horticulture agents created on a plan to have everyone working together toward the common goal of helping our clients. A team was created to work on formalizing the statewide horticulture newsletter for distribution to all ANR and Horticulture Agents. This team works together to schedule authors covering topics such as Lawn, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Trees, Shrubs and Pests. Contributions for these articles come from other Kentucky Horticulture Agents, University of Kentucky Specialist, Kentucky Extension Master Gardener volunteers and other research based sources. The articles are then formatted into a clean and appealing format that can be distributed across the state. The information is seasonal and the last few pages usually contain any upcoming dates across the state that agents are willing to share. This is truly a team effort with many agents and specialist coming together to meet a need that our department had. The team has even branched into online distribution with a subscription service email, once the articles are formatted to the Kentucky Horticulture blog. This has opened up our audience to anyone agent, homeowner, or commercial producer that may be interested in the information.