Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Margaret Quaassdorff
Dairy Management Specialist
CCE NWNY Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Team

Quaassdorff, M.*1,
1 Dairy Management Specialist, CCE NWNY Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Team, Batavia, NY, 14020

The purpose of this presentation was to increase dairy business on-farm personnel knowledge of dairy calf and heifer management.  Its main focus was calf and heifer inventory management, the reasons why heifer inventory is climbing in US herds, benefits of carrying appropriate farm-specific inventory, and strategies to calculate and maintain the number of best quality and profitable animals in the herd.  The presentation was prepared by the author as one section in a series for the Cornell PRO-DAIRY’s Calf and Heifer Management Online Course which ran March 29 – May 17, 2019, and again September 13 – November 8, 2019, and was presented to approximately 90 people each session.  The enrollees included dairy farmers, dairy farm employees, members of supporting industry, and those with interest in calves and heifers across the USA and world.  Participants gained valuable knowledge in sustainable business strategies to increase profitability using heifer inventory management strategies.