Event Promotional Package

Erin Harlow
Residential and Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent
University of Florida/IFAS Extension Columbia County
Columbia County

Harlow, E.*1,
1 Residential and Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent, University of Florida/IFAS Extension Columbia County, Lake City, FL, 32055

Promoting programs well in advance is an important step to a successful workshop.  Often times agents get busy, don’t anticipate enough time for promotion, and then realize too late that they will not have the desired number of participants to hold a class.  The Horticulture Workshops and Programs 2020 January-June promotional piece was developed to address this problem and help excite the public about the new, reinvigorated horticulture extension program and agent.  It provides a comprehensive guide for residents, an easy reference for support staff to look up programs, and provides the agent one location to pull information for individual flyers, online sales, and digital media. It covers a six-month span and is modeled after educational catalogs provided by botanical gardens to their patrons.  The intended audiences are residents in Columbia and surrounding counties that might be interested in participating in horticulture classes, youth, and horticulture professionals.   The program guide is divided into color-coded sections including horticulture, arts, water and natural resources, youth, and professional.  It also promotes plants clinics and the Master Gardener Volunteer program.  The promotional piece is provided in-print at programs and at the office.  It is also available for download on the county website.  The document was developed by the member using publisher and is printed at the office.  Over 30 have been distributed in-print.  An unanticipated result of the program guide was the improved communication and empowerment of the office support staff relaying workshop information to the public.  They appreciate having all of the details at their fingertips.  Another benefit of having the program piece is the ability to pull the descriptions and details of each class for any advertising.  Whether it is a blog post, facebook, the county calendar, Eventbrite, or somewhere else, the descriptions is already written and it has been easy to cope and paste to other locations so the message about a class is the same.  This promotional piece has truly helped this horticulture extension program improve communication with the public, gain interest in programs, and increase attendance to programs.