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Elizabeth Hawkins
Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems

Fulton, J.*1, , Hawkins, E.*2, , Landis, E.*3, , Lee, J.*4,
1 Professor, The Ohio State University, , ,
2 Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems, , Wilimington, OH, 45177
3 Student Assistant, The Ohio State University, , ,
4 Student Research Assistant, The Ohio State University, , ,

The Digital Ag Download (DAD) is a quarterly newsletter created and distributed by The Ohio State University Digital Ag Team. The Digital Ag Download was created to help the Digital Ag Team deliver timely and relevant information about digital agriculture topics throughout the year. Each newsletter focuses on seasonal activities in agriculture and highlights the team’s research and extension programs. Special reports are released between the regularly scheduled newsletters as additional needs to provide information arise. The target audience for the newsletter includes farmers, crop consultants, Extension and agriculture industry professionals. The newsletter is created and shared by members of the Digital Ag Team using the Constant Contact email marketing software. Newsletters are also posted on the Digital Ag Team website in PDF format. Currently, the newsletter has over 370 subscribers and received more than 700 views in 2019.

Two issues of the newsletter in PDF format can be viewed at: