Feature Story

Thomas Butzler
Horticulture Educator
Penn State Cooperative Extension

Butzler, T.*1,
1 Horticulture Educator, Penn State Cooperative Extension, Lock Haven, PA, 17745

I have a biweekly column, under the standing line Keeping It Green, in Lock Haven’s The Express. This allows me to write about horticulture related topics throughout the year. Usually, these topics are set up well ahead of time in order to create a calendar of articles. Occasionally, there is a horticulture topic that is very timely and cannot wait to be published in the biweekly column. In these situations, I submit an article as a featured story along with photos. In this instance, I wanted to highlight the Apiary Exhibit at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Only open several days, the article had to get into the paper quickly so subscribers, if interested upon reading, could head down to the Farm Show before its conclusion. I included photos with the article to highlight the descriptive portion of my text. The article, with photos, was published on January 9, 2020. Photo captions are at the bottom of the submitted article. It was submitted via The Express’s virtual newsroom; therefore, it was not prepared with letterhead. A Nikon D3100 was used for the photographs. The Express has a daily circulation over 10,000. Several phone calls were generated because of the news article and some callers requested additional information.