Website/Online Content

Celeste Scott
Extension Agent
University of Tennessee

Scott, C.*1,
1 Extension Agent, University of TN Extension, Jackson, TN, 38305

This website is a tool used to maintain clear communications with the Madison County Master Gardener Organization.  This group has over 200 active members and updated information that is easily accessible is of utmost importance for the success of this group.  It is also used for outreach.  We market all Extension Horticulture programming from the site, and also use it as a home base for our Crapemyrtle Barkscale Taskforce to post the most up to date information for our region concerning this exotic invasive species.   I, as the Extension Coordinator for this county program, am in charge of design, updates, and maintenance of the site.  We use a sitebuilder called Yola to build and manage the page.