Learning Module/Notebook

Lynda A. Garvin
Director, Agriculture Extension Agent
New Mexico State University
Valencia County

Garvin, L.A.*1,
1 County Extension Agent/Agriculture, New Mexico State University, Bernalillo, NM, 87004

As consumers, the food choices we make have significant impacts on our local and global food systems, economies, and environment.  The food dollars spent on local agriculture supports the local economy and helps family farms and small producers stay in business. “It’s clear that what we put on our plates has a big impact on the environment. Eating more healthfully and more sustainably go hand-in-hand, meaning we can develop sustainable eating practices that improve our own health while also benefiting the health of the planet.”  Harvard School of Public Health, “The Nutrition Source.”  www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource.  The class focuses on 4 simple practices to reduce our carbon food footprint, support local producers, and increase growing our own food at home.

The class was presented to the Sandoval Extension Master Gardener training in a PowerPoint format (39 slides) with a hands- on “Calculate Your Food Miles” worksheet, and online quiz and class evaluation.