Feature Story

John Porter
Extension Educator/Assistant Professor
Nebraska Extension

Porter, J.*1,
1 Extension Educator/Assistant Professor, Nebraska Extension, Omaha, NE, 68124

With increasing interest in hydroponics and other indoor production systems, home gardeners are more interested than ever in technology around these practices.  To provide some basic information around the growing systems, as well as establish myself and Nebraska Extension as a source for information on the topic, this article was provided to a local publishing company that serves both the rural and urban areas of the greater Omaha metro region.  The company publishes two monthly magazines, one called "The Burbs" for suburban households and one called "Country Lanes", both of which are mailed free of charge to households in the selected communities.  This article was published in both magazines for their November 2019 version.   Between the readership of both magazines, this article reached over 80,000 indirect contacts.