Website/Online Content

Abby Schuft
Extension Educator, Poultry
University of Minnesota

Schuft, A.*1,
1 Extension Educator, Poultry, University of Minnesota, Willmar, MN, 56201

In 2016, the University of Minnesota Extension poultry team began its social media presence using Facebook.  The objective was to increase audience awareness and expand the reach of the growing Poultry Extension program by providing brief, timely, research-based information to Minnesota’s diverse poultry audiences.  These include backyard and small flock poultry owners, commercial producers and allied industry members producing table eggs, broilers, turkeys, upland game birds, fancy poultry and pigeons in Minnesota. In order to have consistent interactions with fans, an editorial calendar has been used to plan, compose and schedule a minimum of four posts per week. Themes include research updates, “YouTube Tuesday” videos, “Small Flock Saturday”, and other applicable content which are all accompanied by an image or figure to attract interest. Users are also encouraged to follow web links to original internet content for more in depth information. A humorous cartoon or meme closes each business week as a “Friday Funny”. The social media platform is promoted through state commodity and poultry organizations, at public events, paid advertising on Facebook and through organic sharing and reach. These consistent efforts resulted in an annual reach of 46,275 individuals in 2019 an increase nearly double over the previous calendar year.  This also marks the most impact the page has had since its inception.The page ended 2019 with 267 “Likes” with 297 followers. The author who submitted this application is the sole editor and administrator of the Facebook page. You can view the Facebook page at