Learning Module/Notebook

Andrea Davis
Extension Agent
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Virginia Beach

Davis, A.*1,
1 Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456

The purpose of this online learning module was to provide a pre-packaged workshop curriculum for educating those interested in starting school gardens. Our City’s School Sustainability Office promotes environmental projects including school gardens, but there are no resources for faculty, staff or volunteers on how to go about these projects. I saw a need in our city to assist teachers, staff and other volunteers in learning how to start, manage, and maintain a school garden. However, there are over 5000 teachers in 86 schools and centers within our city. Therefore, I needed a way to reach more constituents at a time. I developed a school garden workshop curriculum to accommodate group education versus individual consultations. I then digitized all materials and created a learning site for other agents to use in similar situations. This site contains learning modules with PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and publication links that would be useful in presenting this information. I have formally presented this online module to extension agents and Extension Master Gardener volunteers throughout Virginia at conferences and via webinar format. The URL for the site is https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/81008 and can be accessed by anyone once I have entered their name and email address into the course as a student user.