Educational Video Recordings

Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein
Assistant Research Professor
University of Maryland

Rosenberg Goldstein, R.1, , Suri, Mayhah2, , Pee, D.3,
1 Assistant Research Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742
2 Faculty Specialist, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, MD, 20742
3 Program Specialist, University of Maryland Extension, College Park, MD, MD, 20742

The CONSERVE Extension Team’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of transformative onā€farm solutions that enable the safe use of nontraditional irrigation water on food crops, focusing on water reuse. The purpose of this video is to introduce and normalize water reuse for irrigation to Maryland’s agricultural and rural communities. Watching an online video was the second most preferred outreach/education method for learning about water reuse based on over 800 farmer responses to a needs assessment survey distributed by the CONSERVE Extension team. The intended audience is farmers, local government officials in rural communities, and Extension professionals. The video was posted online on the CONSERVE and University of Maryland College of Agriculture & Natural Resources YouTube channels ( on June 5, 2019 and has been viewed 598 times and presented to more than 120 water reuse workshop participants and students. The video idea and narrative, including storyboarding and selection of the subjects, was developed by Dr. Goldstein, Ms. Suri, and Ms. Pee. Dr. Goldstein and Ms. Suri also supervised video editing and distribution. The video was recorded and edited by a contracted videographer from Riverlight Studios based in Maryland and New York. With our video, we are highlighting an additional irrigation water source for farmers as water availability and precipitation become increasingly unpredictable.