Published Photo

John L. Hawley
Extension Educator - Agriculture & Natural Resources
Purdue Extension

The purpose of this photograph of the Guilford, Indiana Covered Bridge was to provide an updated image for the Dearborn County Park Board website.

The goal of maintaining and preserving the bridge is primarily historical and many organizations and county leaders play a role. A special relationship that dates back at least four decades exists between Purdue Extension and the Dearborn County Park Board. As the county agricultural and natural resource educator, I serve as a permanent board member, providing guidance and recommendations to the board concerning agricultural topics and park maintenance. Working to preserve the Guilford Covered Bridge, I have provided recommendations and resources for preventing and treating powder post beetles, flood remediation, and wildlife damage.

Preserved and maintained by the Dearborn County Park Board, the Guilford Covered Bridge is a popular tourist site for thousands annually. With an accompanying playground, walking trail, and fishing access, the Guilford Covered Bridge Park serves as the site for dozens of community events, including cookouts, family reunions, and birthday parties. The park board frequently holds meetings on-site to engage with clientele and inspect the bridge and surrounding facilities.

Covered bridges played an important role in the history of Indiana. In Guilford, covered bridges were a critical architectural wonder that allowed for movement of commerce, including many agricultural products, over deep ravines and muddy creeks. As many as 15 covered bridges once spanned Dearborn County. In 2020, only the Guilford Covered Bridge remains.

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