Event Promotional Package

Cassie Homan
District Agent
K-State Research and Extension
Post Rock District

Homan, C.*1,
1 District Agent, K-State Research and Extension, Beloit, KS, 67420

Early this spring I hosted a program over basic gardening principles and annual and perennial flower care. The program was held at the Mankato City Library on February 20, 2019. The purpose of the program was to get gardeners ready for spring. We talked about garden planning and plant care. The gardeners where also able to plant some cool-season vegetables to get their garden started.

I advertised in many ways including; a flyer, a Facebook Event, and a press release to the local papers. The flyer was used to promote the program in the community of Mankato, we hung about 20 of them all over town. This included local banks, shops, and restaurants. I partnered with the Mankato City Library to host the workshop so they were also part of the advertising efforts.  

I also advertised with an event on Facebook. This was shared with many local stakeholders. I posted in the event every day during the week leading up to the program. This allowed Facebook users to stay engaged with the event and served as a reminder.

Lastly is a short press release that was sent to the local newspaper. It was shared in the community calendar as well. This allowed for people not on social media to see the details of the program.

Flyer attached as PDF.

Facebook Event: 


Press Release attached as PDF.