Learning Module/Notebook

Frannie Miller
Pesticide Safety and IPM Coordinator
K-State Research & Extension, McPherson County

Miller, F.*1, , Garcia, B. M.2, , Boyer, C. R.3,
1 Pesticide Safety and IPM Coordinator, K-State Research & Extension, McPherson County, Mcpherson, KS, 67460
2 Training Support Specialist, Depaartment of Entomology, Manhattan, KS, 67506
3 Extension Specilaist, Nursery Crop Production, Department of Horticulture, Manhattan, KS, 67506

The Kansas State Integrated Pest Management team developed the IPM playing card deck as an innovative method to provide education on the four types of integrated pest management controls (biological, cultural, physical/mechanical, and chemical). The purpose is to increase the user’s knowledge of where and how integrated pest management is used. The team accomplished this by developing a traditional 52 card playing deck, as well as a complimentary game with dice. The dice feature common pests, which can be used with the card deck to get participants to develop pest management plans. A booklet is included with the cards featuring instructions to play a card game as well as a link to an evaluation. To prepare the playing cards, team members developed the content by writing the text (45 words/285 characters), and they obtained the required images to complement each topic. Following this, the K-State Communications Department created a template for the playing cards. Once edited and formatted, the cards were professionally printed through a company specialized in printing plastic-coated playing cards. A total of 600 decks of cards were purchased and distributed. Articles promoting the cards were featured in Pest Management Professionals blog and magazine, the McPherson Sentinel, the Kansas Better Blog and the Kansas State Turfgrass Blog. Cards were distributed to County Extension professionals, pesticide safety educators, teachers, and pest management professionals all over the United States and even in Canada.