Educational Video Recordings

Emma Erler
Extension Field Specialist
University of New Hampshire

Erler, E.*1,
1 Program Coordinator, Education Center, UNH Cooperative Extension, Goffstown, NH, 03045

Soil testing is inarguably one of the most valuable tools available to home gardeners. A soil test from the University of New Hampshire not only indicates possible nutrient deficiencies, organic matter content and pH imbalance, but provides recommendations on how to improve the soil. Although collecting a soil sample is a relatively simple task, UNH Extension staff respond to hundreds of questions each year about how to collect and submit a soil sample. Though written instructions are provided on our website, I recognized that it is important to provide a variety of learning opportunities to reach audiences in new and different ways. Thus, I worked on creating a one-minute video that covers how to correctly collect a soil sample. The short format of the video makes it appropriate for social media. I was personally responsible for the content of the script and its delivery. The video is located on the UNH Extension YouTube channel at: