Jeffrey Wilson
Assistant Horticulture Professor
Mississippi State University

Wilson, J.*1, , Barickman, T.C.2,
1 Regional Horticulture Specialist, Mississippi State University, Verona, MS, 38879
2 Assistant Research Professor, Mississippi State University, Verona, MS, 38879

Grafting is a method of asexual plant propagation that joins plant parts from different plants together so they will heal and grow as one plant. This technique is used to propagate plants that do not root well from cuttings, to utilize superior root systems, or to maintain clonal production.

Nursery workers and fruit tree producers must know how to graft. Hobbyists and home gardeners also can learn this useful technique. This publication discusses the basic techniques used to graft fruit trees and other plants that cannot be propagated by cuttings or seeds. Thsi publication is primariy for Extension agents, Master Gardener volunteers, and homeowners in the southeast. The first suthor was the primary person in writing this publication.