Event Promotional Package

Melissa Mattee
County Extension Agent
University of Georgia

Mattee, M.*1,
1 County Extension Agent, University of Georgia, East Point, GA, 30344

The submitted promotional package is currently being used to advertise the Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer (MGEV) Program in 2020. This year is a crucial one for the Fulton County program as it will be the first time in over ten years that it has conducted a MGEV training without partnering with neighboring counties, while undergoing a complete reorganization of projects and administration. Effective marketing is essential to recruiting top volunteer candidates that will serve the population of 1.2 million across the 72 mile stretch of the county. These materials were distributed starting Janaury 2020, and the Extension Office has already received over 150 requests for MGEV program applications since. 

A multifaceted approach was taken to promote the 2020 MGEV program including flyers, brochures and social media blurbs.  Each of these was used a different way. Physical and digital copies of the flyer were distributed for display to senior centers, libraries, schools, community centers, and any additional spaces that promote educational events within the county.  Brochures were provided to current MGEVs and Extension Office staff members to distribute at local community events and projects such as farmers markets, festivals, fundraisers, and any Cooperative Extension program. Occasionally the flyers were also brought to these events if there was enough notice to print adequate copies and a large turnout expected. The brochures were printed professionally in a large order, and as such were readily available for any event. Finally, agents designed several social media files, like the one submitted, to be quickly shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These pieces directed online audiences to the digital applications and program website, and maintained online presence.