Website/Online Content

Amber A. Anderson
Associate Extension Agent
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Anderson, A.A.*1, , Ligon, J. M.2,
1 Associate Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Cumberland, VA, 23040
2 Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Buckingham, VA, 23921

The Buckingham Cattlemen’s Association (BCA) has been an important organization in the local communities since 1978. The agent initiated the creation of an updated website platform using the website generator, The previous website was used to house information for producers, forms, and marketing media (videos & photos). The upgrade to the new website platform made room for more media usage and new and innovative designs. Each year the BCA holds two major production sales and offers many different educational programs in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE). Pictures and videos are taken of consigned livestock before each sale. These pictures and videos are uploaded to and then linked on the website. Prospective buyers now have easier access to these videos and high-quality images of cattle. This website neatly outlines vaccine protocols and potential harmful diseases in cattle. The platform allows for the agent and the BCA to use consumer interest and engagement patterns as a management tool. The platform allows for streamlined navigation of the webpage.