Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Amy Tallent
UofA Division of Agriculture Research & Extension

Tallent, A.*1,
1 CEA-Agriculture, UofA Division of Agriculture Research & Extension, Devalls Bluff, AR, 72041

The Arkansas Diamond Plant presentation was developed to educate the audience about the over-all Arkansas Diamond Plants Program and to introduce the 2019 cultivars.  The development of the presentation was initially for a “Lunch and Learn” series program for homeowners and Master Gardeners of Prairie County.  The topic became favorable in county and the presentation was presented at a Prairie County Extension Homemaker leader training and club meetings.  The Arkansas Diamond Plant Program is relatable to the majority of the targeted clientele of the University of Arkansas Extension Service, considering the goal of the program is to educate Arkansas gardeners about annual ornamental plants that consistently perform well in our state while promoting local growers, the presentation was used at new Master Gardener Trainings and Master Gardener County Meetings throughout 2019.

The presentation focused on:

•             How, why, and when the Arkansas Diamond Program was created.

•             A description and highlights of each cultivar by year inducted

•             Where you can purchase these plants.

•             Arkansas Diamond Plant signage.

•             Where to look for more information on these plants.

The presentation was created using Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint. Information was acquired through the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Research and Extension, Horticultural Department and the Arkansas Green Industry Association.  Nearly 100 people have been educated using this presentation. The audience indicated an increased awareness of the Arkansas Diamond Plant Program and average learning gain of 100% via verbal evaluation.