Educational Video Recordings

Heidi Reed
Field & Forage Crops Educator


Reed, H.*1, , Coyne, Christopher2, , Larson, Zachary3,
1 Field & Forage Crops Educator, , York, PA, 17402
2 Instructional Designer, LearnNow Video Coordinator, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, State College, PA, 16802
3 Extension Educator, Penn State Extension, Martinsburg, PA, 16662

The objective of this introductory video is to detail what planting green is and why farmers do it; it is the first in a planned series about this novel approach to cover crop management. Planting green is growing in popularity in Pennsylvania, but the practice is still new to many. A LearnNow video format was chosen to diversify the methods of information sharing beyond the already published extension articles and peer reviewed journal article. This LearnNow video was published to YouTube on January 15, 2020, and to the Penn State Extension website on January 29, 2020. The video was recorded and edited professionally by the PSU College of Ag Science LearnNow Team, led by coordinator Chris Coyne; some in-field video footage was provided by Agronomy Educator Zachary Larson; additional video footage, photos, and script were provided by Heidi Reed. The intended audience is farmers. From publishing to date, the video has been viewed over 100 times across platforms. As a result of this video, over 100 viewers have learned what planting green is and why farmers do it, and may attempt planting green themselves.

Click here to view the LearnNow video on the Penn State Extension website, or here to view on YouTube.